RBI Grade B Will Rbi Exam Be Conducted In 2018?

Discussion in 'Banking' started by Ari Jain, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Ari Jain

    Ari Jain New Member

    RBI khatam NABARD shuru. Btw will RBI be conducted in 2018?
  2. Aditya Vardhan

    Aditya Vardhan New Member

    How did you know Ashwin that RBI Grade B will not be conducted in 2018?
  3. Vijay Kumar

    Vijay Kumar Member

    can t reveal source,but from authentic information from mouths of persons in RBI HR department.it is not confirmed yet,you are free to believe me or not. RBI is continuously recruiting from 2011,next few years it may not be recruiting , but good news is that one last recruitment will happen 2017 end (next may be after 5 or 6 years)
  4. Vijay Kumar

    Vijay Kumar Member

    @Sid Rajput still i want to hear as he can sa more clear
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  5. Sid Rajput

    Sid Rajput New Member

    If that the case then will focus on smthing else...so sir pl reply
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  6. Raj Narayan

    Raj Narayan New Member

    @Vijay Kumar yes i too heared similar thing @Sid Rajput from RBI employee ,tht is two recuirtments in 2017 and no recuirtments for next 4 to 5 years
  7. Ravi Mudgal

    Ravi Mudgal New Member

    @Sid Rajput what else u r focusing on ? any good opportunities ,please say @Aditya Vardhan YEAH ,i too read some post in some rbi preparation groups like @Raj Narayan and @Vijay Kumar said ,tht there will not no less recruitment (like nabard group b this year,in single digits)
  8. Ranjeet Ola

    Ranjeet Ola New Member

    e sir is the best person to answer this question.
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  9. Ram Nivas Choudhary

    Ram Nivas Choudhary New Member

    It's highly unlikely at the end of this year because the final results are definitely not going to be declared before November 2017 and also it will take 1-2 for application form filling and all for the next year grade b exam so I guess it should be in Jan 2018 at the earliest if possible
  10. Ram Nivas Choudhary

    Ram Nivas Choudhary New Member

    Jan mein bhi chances hain Aisa nhi h Provided Nov end tak result AA jaye final
  11. Narender Yadav

    Narender Yadav New Member

    But why RBI is not recruiting grade B officers in 2018?
  12. Sid Rajput

    Sid Rajput New Member

    Just talked to sir..notification for next year will be in first quater of 18 or evn before..and subsequent notification will also follow as 500 _600 officers are retiring every year..so keep calm and prepare
  13. Abhishek Singh

    Abhishek Singh New Member

    1st quarter of 2018 or 2018-19 FY. Jan-March or April-June
  14. Manthan Meena

    Manthan Meena Member

    Which is better NABARD grade B or RBI Grade B officer?If you are interested in working for development finance and want to be an expert of that, NABARD may be a better place for you, but be also ready for posting in district HQ as Lead District Manager. However, if you …….Read More
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  15. Shibsomroy

    Shibsomroy New Member

    Will there be rbi grade b recruitment in 2018?

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