For all those jinko padte hue neend aa jati h.... exercise creates sweat

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by Jyoti Yadav, Jun 25, 2017.

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    For all those jinko padte hue ya khaate hi neend aa jati h.... exercise creates sweat and it causes blood thickness.
    due to blood thickness circulation of blood becomes slow and less blood flows towards brain so we feel exhausted and lazy this causes sleeping.
    I am not saying exercise is bad but if you could drink adequate water to balance the thickness of the blood that will not let you feel exhausted or lazy.
    Also if you eat all in once then try to eat in gaps so that your stomach doesn't have to use a lot of blood which further causes same less blood flow to brain. hopeithelps
  2. This is blatantly misleading. In fact exercise, helps reduce the blood thickness. This helps blood with oxygen to reach every part of the body. Feeling sleepy is altogether different concept. Lgta h kuch log mbbs krne ke baad ssc prepare kr rhe hain.. Hope it helps :)
  3. I said excercise with adequate intake of water... i haven't said no exercise.

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